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Free Tax Classes

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Our six week Free Tax Course covers basic tax concepts that enable you to complete the Form 1040 series and related documents. The course is perfect for individuals seeking to become a paid tax preparer and for individuals just wishing to learn more about preparing their own federal individual income tax return. Upon completion of our course, you will be able to understand and implement the following:

How to fill out Tax Forms including 1040 series, Schedule C, Schedule A, Schedule E ect..

How to claim Dependents and Exemptions and corresponding tax rules

Which Filing Status one must use and Standard Deduction amount to claim

How to report Wages, Self Employment, Retirement Income, Interest and Dividends ect..

How to file returns for Small Businesses, Renters and Contractors

How to claim medical expenses, mortgage interest, employee expenses

How to claim all Itemized and Miscellaneous Deductions

How to claim stock sales, capital gains or losses, depreciation, and other Basis Property

And other common Tax Forms, IRS tax rules and other tax situations ect...

As a bonus, we included sessions on IRS Practices, Tax Procedures and Ethics training


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